Maybe it doesn’t matter

Since after all, you are here.


I thought about why anyone reads.

Today I had a good discussion with a classmate about a person’s right to self-defence.

Sometimes you wonder why it’s important to even discuss things but something very natural as a human is to learn, right?

For all we say we hate school and exams and the system in place, everyone is predisposed to learn about some things.

For example, there are some things teachers will tell us that there’s no reason for you to actually learn, like the proofs of some mathematical formulae.

But understanding these adds a layer to the subject that you originally didn’t like, so, that’s why some people learn it.

It’s interesting to some people, the same way some people love to ask things like, “Why do the veins on the arms of males seem to pop out more than that of females?” even when they don’t take Biology and there’s absolutely no need for them to learn it.

If you’re curious now, the answer we got off Google was that it’s due to the distribution of subcutaneous fat in people. Generally in females, more fat is just under the surface of the skin so that hides/’cushions’ the veins.

In males less fat is under the skin.


Just some things you learnt every day.

Monotony is often oddly comforting.
This is mindless work.
But it’s when your mind wanders that you lose it.



One thought on “Maybe it doesn’t matter

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  1. Alethic or zetetic?

    It’s not truth that I’m after. It’s inquiry that counts!

    “If knowledge isn’t self-knowledge it isn’t doing much, mate. Is the universe expanding? Is it contracting? Is it standing on one leg and singing ‘When Father Painted the Parlour’? Leave me out. I can expand my universe without you. ‘She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes.’ There you are, he wrote it after coming home from a party.”


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