There is not even the taste of ashes,

only blankness and an unforgiving sigh. - If criminal law is red (revenge and justice rolled into one colour,) and contract law is blue (hiding the sea waves below it in chaos,) then tort law is magenta (a hue more red than blue.) As C has absentmindedly pointed out over a couple of classes, this... Continue Reading →

Fridays make the weekend feel like it’s over,

because now it's the beginning of more work. - I'm going back to bed now. N is right, that person truly is more talk than work. How difficult could putting the stuff into the table be? It took me ten minutes, and if it had taken more I would have baulked. I definitely want to... Continue Reading →

Diluting the opposition vote,

and other theories in Singapore elections. - Sometimes, we wonder if Singaporean politics are really quite so different from politics elsewhere in the world. But having it better is not a legitimate reason for others to silence whatever complaints people do have. Since democracy allows people to complain. Dictatorships instead, kill their detractors. I've always... Continue Reading →

Then let us write for you,

once, clearly. That you will not have to filter through the piles of 'you's and 'they's in hopes of catching a glimpse of the you of the past. - Since this is also what the future is facing, the present and gift left to be passed. I write five steps ahead of the vain brain,... Continue Reading →

Racing against the tide to be the wave

breaking up into pieces and the seafoam rushes over your head since bubbles filled with air are, well, less dense. - No pictures of the tomatoes today, I'll think another week about how to best organise the three pictures. I already transplanted some of the seedlings into their final pots - one trough and one... Continue Reading →

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