We will not be convinced into thinking

that a world where sleeping is a crime is a good world. - We will not be conviced into thinking that a world where people live and die by the sword is a good world. - I want to live on the Black Lizard Planet where there is neither royalty nor the poor. (Nor this... Continue Reading →

There is not even the taste of ashes,

only blankness and an unforgiving sigh. - If criminal law is red (revenge and justice rolled into one colour,) and contract law is blue (hiding the sea waves below it in chaos,) then tort law is magenta (a hue more red than blue.) As C has absentmindedly pointed out over a couple of classes, this... Continue Reading →

The beginning of the end

the first day of the last month in a world where December is not the end of anything in particular. The first December in awareness which is like this, is like living constantly out of step with the time and the day and night cycle of the world. So it is, being usually asleep until... Continue Reading →

If kaya is a jam,

the fruit it comes from is labour. Hainanese kaya! - Amazingly or otherwise, I've finished the minimum required (ie. unforgivingly numerous) readings for this week. I also have una esame di italiano domani, ma io so (think?) รจ going essere cosi-cosi. I have a portrait but no attic - it is the image reflected in... Continue Reading →

It is the spending of that time

(from 19 August, 9.02 am, left among drafts and forgotten until it wasn't.) which gets me the most. The time that is not mine to give in the first place. Of course, it's difficult not to apportion blame when we feel it is rightly deserved. So this slow, cold morning that is on its own... Continue Reading →

They blow through the case readings

like the wild wind does, echoing through the hollowness of a forest. - Someone mentioned to me that it feels like the readings never end, we only had the rejoinder that in the lecture, our three hours worth of case readings are equivalent to three minutes of air time. The three minutes are double-counted as... Continue Reading →

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