I was actually,

sad - to leave. Not that I was surprised to be sad, because I had already felt this way last weekend, but there was a sudden nostalgia to pack up for the last time and think that if I just blinked, a year would wink by. That on the last day I got to hear... Continue Reading →

We had karaoke

in school, opposite the room that we usually practice in. Which is nice, being a bunch of choristers singing for our break time - no it really isn't ironic. It's about the being able to sing what you want and however you want, with an audience. A captive audience, only captive in rapture. The live... Continue Reading →

I tried to dissect envy,

and found it to be a mixture of desire, anger and bitterness. - Such happiness. To want such a happiness. To want to be happy. Why is it that on this level, you seem to be the only person who radiates this kind of happiness? I will have no bite of it. Wanting it, to... Continue Reading →

I have no desire to lie,

so I won't. But I am also afraid of hurting you - which is why I am careful. (At least, now, a week on, this is far enough that I can say these things without sending us into agony. My cold hands, my temperate voice, my body sliding into hibernation in this cold.) - I... Continue Reading →

Unlike the cold breeze,

my voice rises into the rafters where dragonflies roost, silent in death. Another cold night, with no rain, a good night to sleep without a care for the window. If only nights like this would last for days, with nothing more asked of us (or at least, not pressingly so) then I think I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

8 days a week

Is what I wanted today. But I know that in another world where there were actually 8 days a week, then it'd be an extra weekday and not a weekend. But still, I wanted an extra day today. What should we call this feeling, since it is neither regret nor desire? Neither warm or cold,... Continue Reading →

Clouds at eye level,

racing past my window. The sheets of rain, billowing, a sheer coat blurring out the view. The weather for today is: thundery showers, my prescription: a nap, and I no - resist the call of the pitter-patter beyond my earbuds: don't tune out from the professor's words. My meridians are wide open, so live vicariously,... Continue Reading →

Secret Forest S1 ep 12

There's the red herring 7 on the bag, with the serif the way Se Won wrote the seven. Then there's Yeo Jin who finds the suitcase marks. So you kill the pimp, and stab the girl and display her so that the world learns about those misdeeds, since they established that they are on the... Continue Reading →

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