When I was six,

I wonder what I wondered about. [We're also commemorating a 100th post on the Internet on this blog - but that's not really related.] - Today, that question that I received, full of innocence which asked me, "Why [is X not married]?" To which I replied, "Oh, X hasn't found someone X likes yet." And... Continue Reading →

For a long while I had thought

that balancing was something I did particularly well. - What is this emotion that chokes up my chestlike luggage straps choking a down jacket that I only used at home? - As we have come to learn and write, balancing is something we do badly. Even balancing accounts is hard - I can't get my... Continue Reading →

“Let us not suffer.”

Oh love, when I wrote you those words, why did you accept them without qualification? - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] - On a non-conscious level, I knew that he was also taking the same module. On a conscious level, I was caught by surprise when I went up the... Continue Reading →

At 4 am in the morning in London,

I sat in the face of a three hour class on three hours of sleep, grateful and humbled by my teammates and friends who supported us thousands of kilometers away. - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] - I'm starting to feel a little homesick, despite being in an apartment with... Continue Reading →

All the things

that I want to do. - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] -I want to study, and learn about lots of things. Some things, just for the sake of knowing them, and more things to be able to do them. Things like, getting around to the books that are still waiting... Continue Reading →

I was actually,

sad - to leave. Not that I was surprised to be sad, because I had already felt this way last weekend, but there was a sudden nostalgia to pack up for the last time and think that if I just blinked, a year would wink by. That on the last day I got to hear... Continue Reading →

We had karaoke

in school, opposite the room that we usually practice in. Which is nice, being a bunch of choristers singing for our break time - no it really isn't ironic. It's about the being able to sing what you want and however you want, with an audience. A captive audience, only captive in rapture. The live... Continue Reading →

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