Secret Forest S1 ep 7-9

There are things in this opening which caught me off guard, not in the least because of how cruel the writer is. For one, is the work and connection between Yoon-gwajang and Lee-geomsajangnim a secret? Nevermind that he had to have been messaged by Kang-bujang to come from another level, to be introduced again. Does... Continue Reading →

Secret Forest S1 ep 4-6

ep 4: I remember this scene where the three West troublemakers left the room, each following one another. And I also remember how this was one twist that caught me off guard when I was first watching the show, because 'what another twist to Park Moo Sung's murder?' and then I thought, 'No it can't... Continue Reading →

Holiday Reviews: Secret Forest S1 ep 1-3

Among the great things that coincide with the start of the holidays (like the Zhongli re-run), there's time to (re)watch really good dramas. For a long time, I put off rewatching Stranger/Secret Forest mostly because I was worried that it wouldn't match up to the enjoyment in my memory. During the end half of my... Continue Reading →

The beginning of the end

the first day of the last month in a world where December is not the end of anything in particular. The first December in awareness which is like this, is like living constantly out of step with the time and the day and night cycle of the world. So it is, being usually asleep until... Continue Reading →

If kaya is a jam,

the fruit it comes from is labour. Hainanese kaya! - Amazingly or otherwise, I've finished the minimum required (ie. unforgivingly numerous) readings for this week. I also have una esame di italiano domani, ma io so (think?) รจ going essere cosi-cosi. I have a portrait but no attic - it is the image reflected in... Continue Reading →

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