Or maybe not?

I’m not sure how this WordPress thing works, but in my head there’s only one person I can imagine reading any of this.

How did you end up here?

Maybe it was curiosity or something else.

(would you read on?)

(or even keep reading knowing that you have better things to do?)


Why would you do that?

I’m guessing for the same reason that I’m still writing, knowing that I might not ever write again.

I know I assume a lot things but hey, you know yourself.

(KI kids arch an eyebrow at me)

Sure, not gonna argue with that.

But I ‘know’ the way I felt when I met your eyes yesterday (Or was it during the holidays?)

There’s something in your eyes that seems to dare us to hold your stare.

Is this a dare that promises pain or..?

If I see you around from now on I will remember how to forget what it’s like to be insecure.

It’s hard to tell what people really are like.
Whether they are ‘good’, or ‘bad’.
If they’re using you, if they lie, if they would throw you away without a thought.
But to you, as long as you aren’t hurt,
You don’t care, do you?


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