Let’s keep going

What makes people write?

Think of a single word.

What was the first word in your mind?

If I were Freud I would tell you and extrapolate from that word the very person you are.

That’s not true though.

At least, I don’t think it is.

When you look at someone and have an impression of the person I think it’s important that you realise this is the image the person projects to other people.

This might not be the image they are trying to project, or even the kind of person they are.

But how else can you know a person?

Is the person they as they are, alone and of themselves, a pulau?

Uh. Well, I’d hesitate to say no, since if there isn’t anyone else around a person may well not be a ‘person’.

Like the tree in the forest question. (Alright, just a little like it.)

Oh yes, let’s get back to that thing about a single word.

With that single word, what’s the next word that comes to mind?

The only point I’m trying to make is that everyone is different and everyone’s thoughts and actions are affected by the way that they think, affected by the experiences they made.

So everyone and everything is biased.

Which is also the point I tried to make to my HSP interviewer yesterday, which is why I’m writing this today.


What is the word I had in mind while writing this?

Oddly enough, homework.

Next word? “Ineedtodoit,” because that’s a word in itself.

Everyone knows certain things.
Not everyone can accept them,
Not everyone wants to.
That doesn’t mean it’s not real, or that it’s a lie.
Truth hidden in the dark slowly becomes poisonous,
But that does not diminish its value.


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