Counting and losing count

of days spent in repetition but still, good days.

Here’s a picture of the tomato plants from yesterday, Day 24.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-22 at 14.08.57 (day 24)As one can see, they’re a bit leggy and some are a little bit yellow. Nothing water and time won’t fix, I hope.

Daily I have to rotate the egg carton because they grow towards the light, and the wall is on one side. The picture was taken just after a rotation. Visible now are the true leaves for some of the seedlings, but there are still some laggards who may or may not make it.

As it stands (or doesn’t), one little sprout has perished over the past week.

Sometime this weekend I will look to transplanting the seedlings into a bigger planter box. We can almost begin to see the root system through the bottom of the egg carton.

All the seeds in one egg carton; all of the eggs in one basket.

A thought like that sets me adrift for a little bit.

Since there is nothing I could have done better on the one side, but everything else since I already had my foot in the door.

Honest – I’m a bit disappointed. And my ego is a little bit bruised too, perhaps I deserve it since I was not comfortable.

Should-have-beens and the thought of being grateful. I’ll just wait and see, and after, still, keep trying and trying. Since I have no other choice, truly.

First time making bubble tea bubbles: Very rewarding and full of physics and chem on top of just winging things.

We had bubble cubes, but chewy and satisfying. If only we had brown sugar a little bit darker, we could be making Tiger Sugar on our own.

Alas, the shelves are going bare, there’s no instant yeast it was said. I’ll try ordering if CB measures are extended once more.

Also, very surprised to see the prime minister in blue. A rare occurrence for speeches like this where he doesn’t wear pink. Perhaps all the time in the past everyone else has been overthinking his choice to wear pink.

Or perhaps, he has had to make too many speeches in the past few weeks to keep wearing pink?

Thoughts that don’t necessarily make sense.

But bubble tea shops being closed just means make your own, that’s all.

With Ramadan coming up, I guess it’s just as well, even if we haven’t been ordering in in the first place.

Fasting in quarantine must not be any harder than when under daily threat of bombings. And they do this every year in the middle east.

Last year was quite okay, there was nothing with fasting last year which was difficult. We ended with a picnic with friends.

This year that won’t be possible – still, seeing you every day through the screen makes me happy. So don’t worry about that.

I await the mailman too, like I’ve already told you.

Also, since I can only offer you blind hope and consolation, and I’ve already said it enough times to you, I’ll just say it here again even if you won’t read it!

You’ll get it. I can think of no one else more deserving.

In that subjective frame of view,

in a universe ruled by me,

then I guarantee.


I don’t rule the world though,

I hope logic and emotion do.

You too, stay true and hold fast for

it will be alright.


Two weeks more for you,

Three if we are to be a little more cautious.

One, and two and three, a ratata.

Hakuna matata you said.

But it is our problem now.


Wherever you go, please,

be happy.

Oh. It fell into the shape of what people would see as a sonnet.

Well, it is all some form of love.


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