If we got good things in proportion to

however much we have suffered, then last Friday has wiped out my universal credit. - If the good things of these two weeks are to be paid back with the vengance in the week after, then, I will confess that I am afraid. - I have much faith that that is not how the universe... Continue Reading →

Half her face hidden in those voluminous sleeves,

a performance, plucking the strings of her pipa. And maybe I can be the seonbi in the robes of not quite blue and not quite green. - Io scrivo e leggo, ma non ho sonno. Something like that. I was going to title this along the lines of the opening of the poem below. To... Continue Reading →

They blow through the case readings

like the wild wind does, echoing through the hollowness of a forest. - Someone mentioned to me that it feels like the readings never end, we only had the rejoinder that in the lecture, our three hours worth of case readings are equivalent to three minutes of air time. The three minutes are double-counted as... Continue Reading →

Diluting the opposition vote,

and other theories in Singapore elections. - Sometimes, we wonder if Singaporean politics are really quite so different from politics elsewhere in the world. But having it better is not a legitimate reason for others to silence whatever complaints people do have. Since democracy allows people to complain. Dictatorships instead, kill their detractors. I've always... Continue Reading →

Racing against the tide to be the wave

breaking up into pieces and the seafoam rushes over your head since bubbles filled with air are, well, less dense. - No pictures of the tomatoes today, I'll think another week about how to best organise the three pictures. I already transplanted some of the seedlings into their final pots - one trough and one... Continue Reading →

Counting and losing count

of days spent in repetition but still, good days. - Here's a picture of the tomato plants from yesterday, Day 24. As one can see, they're a bit leggy and some are a little bit yellow. Nothing water and time won't fix, I hope. Daily I have to rotate the egg carton because they grow... Continue Reading →

Projects of the present,

projecting into the future. - Sourdough has come and been eaten, but as promised, here is the one-year-old rye flour starter at it's bubbling peak. The line mark for the maximum rise, like a tide in the sand; the peak. Little bubbles, pockets of carbon dioxide or some other gas that this yeast could produce.... Continue Reading →

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