If I could convert into pixels,

the emotion that beats inside my chest, I would. - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] - This emotion, of fondness - that I am afraid to call longing - that I must recognise as attachment. I want to convert these into pixels and frame in the digital universe so that... Continue Reading →

When I was six,

I wonder what I wondered about. [We're also commemorating a 100th post on the Internet on this blog - but that's not really related.] - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] - Today, that question that I received, full of innocence which asked me, "Why [is X not married]?" To which... Continue Reading →

All the things

that I want to do. - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] -I want to study, and learn about lots of things. Some things, just for the sake of knowing them, and more things to be able to do them. Things like, getting around to the books that are still waiting... Continue Reading →

I have no desire to lie,

so I won't. But I am also afraid of hurting you - which is why I am careful. (At least, now, a week on, this is far enough that I can say these things without sending us into agony. My cold hands, my temperate voice, my body sliding into hibernation in this cold.) - I... Continue Reading →

8 days a week

Is what I wanted today. But I know that in another world where there were actually 8 days a week, then it'd be an extra weekday and not a weekend. But still, I wanted an extra day today. What should we call this feeling, since it is neither regret nor desire? Neither warm or cold,... Continue Reading →

They blow through the case readings

like the wild wind does, echoing through the hollowness of a forest. - Someone mentioned to me that it feels like the readings never end, we only had the rejoinder that in the lecture, our three hours worth of case readings are equivalent to three minutes of air time. The three minutes are double-counted as... Continue Reading →

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