Pancakes are best when

made with self-rising flour.

Day 30 here, and I have been forgetting the details, but that’s not always a good thing since the mind has no shortage of imagination to compensate for memory loss.

So for one, I am pretty screwed for blocks. The brain is a weird thing.  I know I need to study, but my brain decides that it’s hungry so I go and cook pancakes.

At the same time, my little sister troops downstairs and announces that she’s hungry so we cook pancakes together.

I had fun during this not-holiday, but I won’t delude myself into thinking that everything is fine and dandy – obviously, not everything was smooth sailing, there were so many hiccups and problems but, we put those things behind us.

People often say that dwelling on the past is bad, but it’s a pastime of humans – why else would we study history and memorialise our greatest achievements?

I do not know if we love the memories or the imagined memory.

If you eat pancakes every day you’ll get sick of them .

But why is this not the same for addictive things like cigarettes and drugs? I am not sure.

It would be nice to have something that you’re so good that when everything fails to meet expectations people still tell you that you have something to fall back on – but that’s not the kind of person that I can be.

Jack-of-all, master-of-none is often spoken of in derision, in our society where people seem to specialise further and further I cannot bear to let go of the sciences, reading about beta-amyloid proteins and helper T cells, pretending this is preparation for GP.

While it would be great to find a practical use for science trivia now in my life I know that it is unlikely, there is no one left behind that cares for the endocrine system nor moments or enthalpy change graphs or that they are shaped like little mountains.

My friends who study science are too far ahead in their own fields, generalised discussions without proper terminology are an insult to their intelligence, google entertains my questions and the rest consider my readings to be in vain, nothing more than a hobby I will cease sooner or later.

I do not want to be consumed by a system that tells me what I should learn.

Taken to extremes this becomes, I do not want to learn what the system tells me I must, but on that front, I do not have a choice.

No one really does.

My little sister is outside watching some show, not sure whether it’s BuzzFeed or anime but either doesn’t matter, both holding little academic value, perhaps beyond GP. But she doesn’t take GP, so either way, it’s all irrelevant.

I think she’s happy though.

Day 31,

I also told her the story of the Oily Man. It’s a Malay urban legend/folktale thing that my relatives in Malaysia used to scare me to bed with.

Anyway, she was sufficiently scared so I had to sleep with my windows locked last night.

Sometimes I wonder about the plausibility of such things happening. In Singapore where people are mostly safe, there is the real threat of slipping into a lull of false safety.

For all we may know, perhaps there’s simply underreporting, but that wouldn’t explain why crime cases are so sensationalised on the headlines.

Reading the newspapers is for GP, now that is true?

But considering that most of the time people read not just the news but books and ideologies and all sorts of things and call it GP, GP is general, therefore all en-compassing  and using that to justify all reading is like in Econs evaluation, using the Ceteris Paribus assumption or Informational Problem to do evaluation on the use of elasticity concepts.

I have 3 more chapters of econs to do before I can even look at samples, and many more chapters of History – there is no chance left that I could do my MTL homework on time, but I guess considering other things are more pressing, that will have to wait.

Can religion be separated from politics? Why not? How does religion exist if not for humans’ own lack of knowledge and ability to explain everything, leading people to place their trust in a religious deity?

I do not know.

But that doesn’t matter anyway because GP does not care for what you think.

GP stands for General Paper and wants stats, the view of the majority, the General and therefore personal anecdotes are disallowed because your experience is not representative of the ‘General’.



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