Present is the ache

of the cold between my ribs, not so unlike the ache in my heart as I count the days. Today is day 20. By day 25 I have committed to forgetting. () came and went. As () approached, particularly in the run-up, I had many more things that I did which took a toll on... Continue Reading →

In the light of day

I see that the tree near my home is balding and drying. - Unlike things that have passed and are beyond changing, I can see it. I took a photograph of it. Someday when I have the time I will print a picture of it and stick it on my wall. Though it has none... Continue Reading →

In the dark I thought I saw

that the big tree near my home got cut down. Thankfully, it wasn't. It was just the dark leaves blending into the night sky. I started in shock though, when I first saw what I thought was just the trunk. - Today was the last day of school - it gives me funny mixed feelings,... Continue Reading →

I told a friend I was going to write

and work, and then play. - Looking at the time now, I am not sure if I will get the latter two done. - It's cold tonight and I'm oddly enough, listening to a recording of my own singing. In the background, my little sister has just stomped up the stairs saying, "Stupid exams." I'm... Continue Reading →

And the word ‘sorry’

doesn't really help you express your own feelings. - From Scorpia Rising, I learnt that emotional pain can score off the charts which score people for physical pain. - I have a friend who often says that "You don't need to be sorry, you just need to be better," and that sometimes catches people off-guard.... Continue Reading →

Listen to the tuba

in the background. I really enjoy listening to the tuba each time the band plays the national anthem. My classmate pointed out the tuba-ist (or tuba player?) to me and I feel happy thinking about the sound of the tuba. I was surprised though, when I say the tuba-ist walk out of the classroom when... Continue Reading →

The printer spits out paper,

swallows a one-sided face and spits out a double-edged blade that cuts. That isn't the fault of the printer, by any stretch. - Today, I opened Tumblr to realise that the person I was following to write alongside with stopped. - My words have stalled - having nothing to prompt me since I replied all... Continue Reading →

Sweet are the ixoras

like candied rose petals dipped in egg white then dried with caster sugar. - In the end, the hug wasn't even a real one after I complained and instead she offered to eat some of my fruit. My little sister asked me for a hug after she went, "Ooh! Chupa-chups! s'thankies." Such is our relationship... Continue Reading →

I questioned myself today

Questioned my own choices and thoughts. Why do I do this and why do I do that, think this way even if it's not constructive and it only promotes a cycle into more thoughts of regret and longing. It's a little silly how you try to comfort yourself and spiral into a pity-party of choices... Continue Reading →

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