I have been searching for answers

[9/11] - the entirety of my life, from the moment I was 'aware'. - If you are who you are because of your past, did you ever stand a chance? - I was thinking again, and as people will put it, "Questioning yourself," and after watching numerous TED talks and self-help videos, it's very easy... Continue Reading →

Today I realised that

[17/10] what matters is not what is inside but what appears on the outside. - People only care about the inside when it begins to surface - there is no way they can see what is inside, after all. That's the implication of 'outside'. - [26/10] It's not today any more. Today I had to... Continue Reading →

If good things come in pairs,

does that mean bad things come in threes? - When writing, we love to use the rule of three, in photography the rule of thirds, in life, third time is the charm. - If good things were to come in pairs because even numbers are more 'beautiful' then, I guess then, things that are not... Continue Reading →

Half a battle fought but also

half this battle already lost, though I actually feel more prepared for this set of exams compared to the ones in the middle of the year. - In between choosing a topic that I can write about rather than a topic I want to write about, and writing a question cut into parts┬árather than the... Continue Reading →

Layers, and making them

seeing them and thinking in them. - I spent about an hour or so today making yakgwa with my little sister. There are a couple of laws that govern oil splatters: The first is that oil only splatters when humans are close. The second is that they only hit people where they are uncovered, evidenced... Continue Reading →

Ask yourself questions

like "What do you want?" "Why are you doing this?" and "Why do you feel like this?" . I find my answers are sometimes, "I don't know." But because you don't know no one can know. That's something beautiful about the world and about you. Your eyes are like shutters, close and then the world... Continue Reading →

Red dots in a dark sky,

as viewed from a little red dot of an island. - Another thing in our night sky this morning was Mars. It was in opposition, a term used when two planets/celestial bodies are on opposite sides of another planet/celestial body. Usually, that means Earth, because it's the main place where humans observe from. So it... Continue Reading →

Underneath it all,

is it just written into our DNA? - If you catch the reference, it would make me happy. - I have realised that many things are not a matter of if I can, but if I want to. This is the same for everyone. Most people are capable of murder, in a physical sense -... Continue Reading →

It’s hard to see the stars here,

but my friend assures me that they are there. - In broad daylight, you'd be hardpressed to see stars, but in the day, no one is actually looking for stars. It's also going to rain again - it rained this morning already, but it's going to rain again and I guess I've always taken rain... Continue Reading →

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