Diluting the opposition vote,

and other theories in Singapore elections. - Sometimes, we wonder if Singaporean politics are really quite so different from politics elsewhere in the world. But having it better is not a legitimate reason for others to silence whatever complaints people do have. Since democracy allows people to complain. Dictatorships instead, kill their detractors. I've always... Continue Reading →

Over time I don’t want to forget,

what it is that is worth whatever that we do. - In another world, where life is truly a game, I hope it will not be pay to win. Unless it's paying it forward with kindness. - On a slow morning in a slow month, listening to a piano I cannot play with the sunlight... Continue Reading →

Racing against the tide to be the wave

breaking up into pieces and the seafoam rushes over your head since bubbles filled with air are, well, less dense. - No pictures of the tomatoes today, I'll think another week about how to best organise the three pictures. I already transplanted some of the seedlings into their final pots - one trough and one... Continue Reading →

Counting and losing count

of days spent in repetition but still, good days. - Here's a picture of the tomato plants from yesterday, Day 24. As one can see, they're a bit leggy and some are a little bit yellow. Nothing water and time won't fix, I hope. Daily I have to rotate the egg carton because they grow... Continue Reading →

Projects of the present,

projecting into the future. - Sourdough has come and been eaten, but as promised, here is the one-year-old rye flour starter at it's bubbling peak. The line mark for the maximum rise, like a tide in the sand; the peak. Little bubbles, pockets of carbon dioxide or some other gas that this yeast could produce.... Continue Reading →

Spending time alone,

is part of social distancing and also human recovery. - Growing spring onions on my window sill and having eaten the kimchi that has fermented for about a week, it's time to begin another cooking project. There's ever more time now since friends and I have mutually agreed that from here on, 'go-out's will be... Continue Reading →

Washing hands and social distancing,

are not guarantees, but are on different scales of enforceability. Accountability. - - Here in Singapore, schools are still open, though many wonder how long they will remain open for. But if the news reports of tourists from China getting ready to start going overseas to (hopefully not badly hit cities) are true, then life... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr Ng,

it's a letter not to you, but for you: since you will not be able to read this the way the living do. - This post is available in audio form at this link, but I hope someday to get through it without the grief that still holds me. - If I said that we... Continue Reading →

Maybe that apple was not poisoned,

And maybe, behind that smile was not a knife. Still, you didn't eat the apple, nor did you stay to watch the smile fall. - Anyway, motherboards are green because of the solder mask, a kind of plastic polymer coating that protects the copper traces during the soldering process. While we can't make a computer... Continue Reading →

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