Clouds at eye level,

racing past my window. The sheets of rain, billowing, a sheer coat blurring out the view. The weather for today is: thundery showers, my prescription: a nap, and I no - resist the call of the pitter-patter beyond my earbuds: don't tune out from the professor's words. My meridians are wide open, so live vicariously,... Continue Reading →

You are not a machine with broken parts,

but a human with unmet needs. - [This post is available in audio form at this link.] - The landline rings at four in the morning, and behind the surprise how odd it is to pray that it will be an annoyance - a scam call from another timezone? your heart dropping when you recognise... Continue Reading →

Secret Forest S1 ep 10

When Eun Soo called Si Mok while on the back of the lorry, I guess I wondered, how long (and how did she find him) was she on the truck before she called. One of the miraculous consequences that Yoon-gwajang was behind them, or did he go with Eun Soo? Why would he, since Eun... Continue Reading →

I can drive now,

but let's not drive each other up walls. - After 18 months, I can drive about legally on my own with a fluorescent triangle plate on the front and back of the family vehicle. All the same wide turnings and beating red lights, one extra paper and one more card in my phone case do... Continue Reading →

Watching it dissolve into nothingness

If we could throw this voice into the past, I wonder if my heart would still ache like this. Like this. - What is emptiness if not a sign that you are lacking something, missing something. But is fullness and richness always good? I am full now, of an aching emptiness. But this hollow vessel... Continue Reading →

The beginning of the end

the first day of the last month in a world where December is not the end of anything in particular. The first December in awareness which is like this, is like living constantly out of step with the time and the day and night cycle of the world. So it is, being usually asleep until... Continue Reading →

If kaya is a jam,

the fruit it comes from is labour. Hainanese kaya! - Amazingly or otherwise, I've finished the minimum required (ie. unforgivingly numerous) readings for this week. I also have una esame di italiano domani, ma io so (think?) รจ going essere cosi-cosi. I have a portrait but no attic - it is the image reflected in... Continue Reading →

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