Secret Forest S1 ep 12

There’s the red herring 7 on the bag, with the serif the way Se Won wrote the seven. Then there’s Yeo Jin who finds the suitcase marks.

So you kill the pimp, and stab the girl and display her so that the world learns about those misdeeds, since they established that they are on the ‘same’ side.

Kyung Wan who asks about what his dad did so wrong – which is odd, good and bad. Almost as if he doesn’t know what Park Moo Sung did. But maybe he’s right, not wrong enough to die.

Team Leader Choi appearing at the house speaks volumes about what a person he is, since no one called him, but he came again to investigate, but why? Unlike Si Mok and Yeo Jin who heard from Ga Young that she was in a cold and damp place, why did he appear?

The million dollar question that’s beautifully voiced by Yeo Jin who speaks her mind, and voices it for the audience.

And he’s someone who owns up to his mistakes, the one person near Yeo Jin who always does his best even when he gets it wrong the first time. The same way Kyung Wan walks away, because that’s the realistic thing to do. Whether you would miss a father like that, I’m not sure.

Attributed guilt, unless it’s attached to something like the money he gained unfairly, why should it affect the son? Why should he use that to rationalise if he was beaten up as a murderer’s son?

Oh, Dong Jae, and shenanigans. My heart skipped with the yell, even though I knew it was coming. Can you imagine if he had come in quietly?

Ukraine becoming Cranes, but at least he got Hong Kong right – and the FSS! That was Chae Yi Heon’s best bud’s division. But I didn’t think they were involved in bumping around credit ratings.

Was Si Mok more effective than Yeo Jin? Or did Yeo Jin’s opening allow Si Mok the space to get the truth from Yeon Jae? And what even makes Si Mok consider not telling Chang Joon, as Yeon Jae requests – this funny ill fated relationship that also continues into the second season.

The news always favours Si Mok, running the title about the defense system and the previous time about the historical assets. Cute, great plot. Acceptably coincidental.

And I realised I remembered this part wrong – it wasn’t Se Won’s face that Ga Young remembered, it was Seo Dong Jae. And Dong Jae realised it, that it was him.

He’s a good senior who teaches bad tricks and still thinks he’s good. I want to be a good senior who teaches good tricks. Imposter syndrome, we both have it.

And look, the Sungmoon secret appears, and the Sungmoon Daily Chairman and Si Mok will go on to play reversed roles in Life.

He says “And you know, Hanjo Group has a daughter, one,” with an emphasis on that number. Which translates into a redundancy in English, but it means more.

That dynamic between them, as they trade information. Because the Chairman Kim is not an idiot – since he doesn’t love Yeon Jae, he loves the power; and Si Mok holds power, our Dong Jae’s Hong Kong cranes.

The fallout is going to be so delicious… I’m going to get dinner and continue watching.

And he tells Si Mok to forget about what he said about Yeon Jae – ah, what a reverse of what Yeon Jae asked of Si Mok.

(since he’s going to spill the beans as Chang Joon pressured him. Nevertheless, he published.)

I wonder what Chang Joon is agreeing with, for his Father-in-Law, since he hasn’t been able to check who the spy is. I don’t remember the outcome, but I know that Dong Jae survives this test too.

It’s really odd, because the translation says he’s them to stay there in the office – and it means the same thing, but still Si Mok says “Jikyeo” which is closer to guarding and protecting, like a watch dog. Since someone might tear into their office. Haa and they were just about to go for a team meal.

Si Mok is summoned, and Won Cheol is here to save the team (day) – but as much as I am pleased to see him, how did it spread through the grape vine fast enough, and how did Won Cheol convince everyone in time? Did Si Mok call him, in that time that it took for Si Mok to drive down to the Central Building?

He just ran from door to door and gathered up all the Division Heads in West Seoul and said “autobots, roll out” amazing. Very cool, the subs were less cool. When you can hear that they’re echoing his words, and the meaning is there, but it’s not in those words.

He said, “The directions given to the special team, please withdraw them.” And then everyone echoed “withdraw them”. The emotion that you can see in Si Mok’s gaze and the furrow of his brows, not quite desperation, but some kind of pleading.

While the rest of the team mulls about, waiting, tense. Ms Choi who says “we’ll be demoted” and Chief Yoon who says “pushed out”. What does “pushed out” in this context mean? And the expression that he had when he said that, which wasn’t resigned but in agony.

And “It’s not because I like you,” the translation doesn’t get it – it doesn’t convey that emotion. Won Cheol says “It’s not because you’re pretty,” which fits so well in that context of bribery and pimps and power. The first translation is so anime-esque, a denial of the emotion, and that’s not the point.

That aside, I can’t believe they both traveled to a court where they both share memories just to have that stare down contest of wits and threats.

The end is so close, for Eun Soo. But to see her smile during the team dinner, and Jung Bon creating trouble and the usual misunderstandings and that precious look that Yeo Jin gives Si Mok.

Se Won just deciding to fix up the atmosphere by telling Jang Geon to cook the meat, but instead feeding it to him as he sits down. Why is it so difficult to reconcile that image, together?

Because at the end of Si Mok’s chase, it’s him.

If she been invited, if Eun Soo hadn’t come, if she hadn’t been cutting those fruits, would the ending still have included her? Until that end comes.

It wasn’t 0 7, but D T, with the serif that Se Won wrote himself. And I still don’t know why.


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