There is not even the taste of ashes,

only blankness and an unforgiving sigh.

If criminal law is red (revenge and justice rolled into one colour,)

and contract law is blue (hiding the sea waves below it in chaos,)

then tort law is magenta (a hue more red than blue.)

As C has absentmindedly pointed out over a couple of classes, this professor must really like that purple shirt.

Routine is really quite comforting, we know it just as well as another person.

I am sorry to think that our careless words may have spurrred someone to change their usual rhythm.

They were careless, being a rhyme of neither reason nor emotion.

The trite rhythm of roses and violets carrying an emotion of satire intermingling with love.

Just as a dozen roses fills the air sickly sweet and oppresses you.

How late and how early it is. I can pick the basic lock, apply enough torque to open it with a little wiggle.

But I did not get to make bread – and I didn’t manage to bring my sister out to cycle. In part I am afraid that it is another of those promises that can never be kept.

We have gone out for chicken but what is that in the face of a pending promise?

I said, let us try during the holidays – and she asked “you’re free in March. Our expectations are no longer aligned anymore, and I am beginning to forget exactly how all of this came to be.

I have another quarter of my moot memo to write so that I can actually complete the practice speeches on Monday but this inertia with the first portion does not yield before a tired brain.

Jumping hoops to avoid telex fees and pushing yourself into a situation that you would much rather avoid. Taking responsibility that you want and fear. I want to do a good job. But right now I am not good enough to do a good job.

A legitimisation crisis.

Blankness and uncertainty are sides of the same coin – only this currency is not Mora. Not even something to be spent.

When I pause to take a deep breath, I can momentarily feel the atmosphere bearing down upon us. Exhaling pushes back against the kilometers worth of air.

Four cups on the table.

Which do you drink from if not all four?

Drain them each in turn,

water and tea and tea and tea.


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