If kaya is a jam,

the fruit it comes from is labour.

Hainanese (brown!) kaya
Hainanese kaya!

Amazingly or otherwise, I’ve finished the minimum required (ie. unforgivingly numerous) readings for this week. I also have una esame di italiano domani, ma io so (think?) è going essere cosi-cosi.

I have a portrait but no attic – it is the image reflected in my screen when I reduce the brightness to zero; and these are the things that I have ever dared to do.

Hainanese Kaya: one and a half hours

Makes a little more than a regular fruit jam jar with a radius of about 3.5 cm and height 12 cm?

I used two packets of kara coconut cream powder, 300 + 50 ml of water, 3 fairly large eggs, 1 sort-of heaped tablespoon of corn starch, three heaped tablespoons of dark brown sugar, five pandan leaves and 50 ml of honey.

I used one pot, pan, metal bowl, whisk, silicone spatula, mixing bowl and two glass jars in the whole process.

The coconut cream powder came with not very helpful instructions on the back when it comes to reconstituting the cream, but I can say that you should never start with hot water. Use a little cold water first and then after all the powder lumps have smoothed out, continue adding the water.

Did this in the metal bowl because afterwards I heated the coconut milk/cream with the tied bundle of pandan leaves over a water bath (pot of boiling water with the bowl on top, base not touching the edge of the water).

While the leaves were steeping in the milk (you can add a pinch of salt here. I forgot.) beat one egg with the corn starch first until no lumps, then add one egg and another. I dissolved the sugar in some water before adding, I suppose since eggs do have a high water content, it wouldn’t be a problem to just dump it all in? Use a large bowl for this.

The brownness of your kaya comes from the sugar and the honey that will be caramelised in the pan. My ah kong likes his kaya to be brown, but not too sweet. White sugar caramelised in a large enough quantity to match his colour preference would be too sweet.

When your coconut milk is smelling of pandan, check the thickness! It shouldn’t be thicker than cheese sauce. Add water to rinse out your pandan leaves and discard the knot, add the water into your milk.

Add the hot coconut milk to your egg mixture, whisking until all your coconut milk is now in the unheated bowl. This brings your egg mixture up to temperature and helps to avoid the worst of scrambling your egg.

(Of course! If you’re not particular about the smoothness, or you’re going to blend your kaya afterwards, I guess this doesn’t matter.)

Add the warm mixture back into the metal bowl, and keep stirring. I moved to the spatula here because my bowl has a indented flat bottom, and cooked kaya would otherwise overcook in the crevice.

Remember to scrape down the sides where the kaya loses water faster and the egg cooks faster as well. If things are moving too fast, lower your flame or occasionally just take the metal bowl off the water.

Finally, at some point, taste the incomplete kaya for sweetness (I do this before cooking, the raw eggs have not been dangerous to me so far…) and take it off the heat as you look to the honey.

This helps you adjust how much honey you will be caramelising. Do this in a pan so it will be fast – but watch out for boiling over. Check the colour of the honey below the bubbles, and whisk into your kaya mix when it smells good.

I rinse out the honey pan with some hot water after – caramelised honey is otherwise, very difficult to clean off! Just add it into the kaya, you can cook off the water later.

Return the metal bowl to the heat and continue stirring until it reaches the consistency you like. Remember that the kaya continues cooking a little even after being removed from heat (just like scrambled eggs).

Short version:

Boil coconut milk with pandan.

Beat eggs with corn starch and sugar. Add hot milk to eggs and beat.

Put over double boiler, stir a lot. Caramelise honey to adjust colour and sweetness, add to mix and stir. Cook till complete!

Also, I am not sure what to say about it, for a generation steeped in technology, sometimes I do not know what restarting my computer does.

Nevertheless, my laptop works better after his restart and the mouse has returned to fuctionality.

But if we are to trust a system, then the end result for the same input must be the same, just like laws go to facts and give the same judgement.

Thank you for working again.

We have spent the same amount of time cooking

and reading contract today,

this time to be repaid comes from sleep that we have not

have had much of.

I am not sure if it is something we are willing to give

all the time. But at least today, it was and it was given.

If the end outcome is the truth then I am the first super servant,

bound to another party but helplessly knowing that there are other things to be dealt with.

A false choice in law is a choice nevetheless. I do, think that that was a very harsh construction.

I think it could have been a superseding impracticability, though it is

a mere thought.

I will eat kaya tomorrow morning if I wake up early enough – else the false choice is to be late or to be hungry.

What a foolish system dictates is to go hungry.

And then, those are my mechanisms and their decision.

If it rains and he is late by twenty minutes again, I shall once again be

uselessly sorry towards us.

Scelgo avere fame.

False cognates by coincidence and not choice.

I am frustrated by reality and this is not legal


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