Because even if social media campaigns are transient,

something is still better than nothing.

We donated to Reclaim the Block and we hope to find others who are willing to match us. Be it to MFF, or any other local/global cause you feel for.

Thinking to the impermanence of Instagram posts and hashtags, I think there is no defence I wish to offer.

Better to do something than to sit in silence.

I can do such a little bit because this eats at my conscience and I am afraid that watching another country implode, my home is waiting to do something as well.

The oppressed have done all they can and more, but not enough has changed.

We, seated in privilege and power, are the ones who have not done enough.

So that is a simple logic.

Someday, I want to be able to do more than what is enough.

So a short post: we

do not say all lives matter

because theirs have mattered so little thus far.

the thought that some are more equal and others,

an adverse selection mechanism where

the cruellest and unforgiving survive and

the kind die, is the world we live in.

Even if you must be cruel,

please, save a kind one.

For a death to go unremarked would otherwise be a waste.

If it is economics that speaks then I have no reply.



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