In ten years when we’ve graduated and

already started working, I want to remember this feeling.

You’re not a word-sy person, so I wouldn’t tell you to read this: for me, it is enough to know this inside our own heart and to be able to smile at you knowing this.

We try to show it through action, and so I hope to show you those 482 words meant something more than just asking for your eyes to check them over.

An expression of the thing called trust, that we are comfortable telling you and that more than anything that we want to stay in contact with you.

You’d say I’m being silly but the paragraph I read in reply to yours tells us the truth to it: wanting is the source of all suffering.

Yet, every time we part I look forward to remeeting you again. So don’t worry of that, I will not grow sick of you in this month. I’d be happy to see you every day now that everyone is at home.

Technology the greatest enabler or something like that, but do not laugh at my sentimentality!

Oh, I am afraid of the future like this present where I couldn’t remember that we were close even before we were desk partners.

Logically that computes if, given the choice (and we were), we wouldn’t have chosen seats with someone whom we weren’t already close to.

Humans and our closed friendship circles – still, I hope you would not mind it if I said that you are important to me.

You’d give me that complex expression that I am guilty of overinterpreting, still, the sound of your voice when you say “Sure,” makes me smile wryly back at you.

I really mean it, so do not worry for it.

All of you are important to me and beyond that the idea of for once things that matter again. The kinds of things that I want to protect, your happiness is one of those things.

Thank you for the company the past week and more, but it’s also something that one cannot trace back anymore.

The same question of how was our first meeting, or when in the first year of that meeting were we considered close, or when did anything else start?

Rivers begin with glaciers and end in lakes and oceans.

But the rainfall and snowfall, from where do they hail? I know not this.

These words – mine and their etymology the big words that you might again shake your head at. Forgive our penchant for sliding into those words because the point is to keep talking like a stream of consciousness and to wrap everything up.

Oh, it sounds like a soliloquy, but this is no echo chamber since it has no walls and I cannot even hear myself anymore.

Oh! For a moment I started and hesitated to pick up your video call.


I will do my best not to think about what is

So, string tugging, and stream selling, the flow not

to be obstructed only diverted.

The world is burning, from our southern

to our northern neighbours and also

the virus ravaging the cities in waves over

yonder meadow.

In this month, the lalang,

undulating by the riverside

may reclaim the long sand

banks collapsing like a warning

sign of the changing times and

restart a cycle of the conquest

of the wise who claim to be the

one and only and best – shenme?

Dualistic and monolithic institutions that instituted / inserted

the law. The rules, rules, rules to

which we adhere, built on trust.




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