Spending time alone,

is part of social distancing and also human recovery.

Growing spring onions on my window sill and having eaten the kimchi that has fermented for about a week, it’s time to begin another cooking project.

There’s ever more time now since friends and I have mutually agreed that from here on, ‘go-out’s will be ‘go-to-home-and-chill” or, ‘and-hot’ since baking is a hot activity.

I don’t really like coffee, but if you give me her cold-brewed coffee with some sugars I’ll drink it happily.

So we learnt about the difference in coffee beans Arabica and Robusta. Are they really the only two types of beans in the world? I don’t love coffee enough to have to know that, but I’m really curious about Cacao Barry’s Ruby RB1 chocolate – naturally pink.

Fascinating, but out of reach.

“Someday, I will go to Paris,” a thought like that. Oui.

The more accessible project is sourdough, but my starter was just used on Tuesday by father. Since in the end, we went to her home to make chocolate angel food cake, I just put him back into the fridge with kimchi.

In the future where I make bread with it, I’ll take more pictures of the starter bubbling away – a photodocumentary of a Singaporean yeast.

I’m confused sometimes, as to whether it truly is a wild yeast that was inoculated in my flour-water mixture or the yeast that comes in the bag of flour itself.

After all, the yeasts in my plain flour starter and my rye flour starter certainly smell different though both were on the counter.

A pity of a question – since I will not be in a position to test this in the future, anyway.

Not to mention, right now it’s merely a silly proposition!

Spend time with yourself

and you will not be too lonely.

Spend time with the other

parts of your self. The fractured


portions of the self; whole-

identifying biological machine.


Cytokine storms and self-implosion,

mandatory isolation and slow

steps towards desperation the slow

and unsteady deniable act of time

buying to staunch the flow of air.

the shortness of breath in the space

that these droplets have to cross . : danger zone

A statistic probability constantly changing.


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