Lagging behind, the hardware limit

not the bloatware, or maybe it is that.

We built computers and their processing units similar to how we conceptualised our brains.

Then if a thousand years ago, a computer engineer landed in civilisation, would he be able to build a functioning computer for himself?

It’s also interesting to think that a thousand years ago, the way we speak now would confuse the people of the past, the lingo and phrases are all different, words like man rise and fall in popularity.

Do you think with 22/7 you’d make it somewhere in the past? What a concept; how to make a compass.

Not the navigation one, the diagrammatical one.

These interesting things, the basic things of daily life that would be valuable a thousand years in advance. The creator you could become, be the genius of the past.

And after considering all these, memorising where and how to get the materials to make all things you want to, go, go and find a way to travel to the past.

Can you imagine, what would happen if the battlefields a thousand years ago had guns?

Where would one make gunpowder. The mechanic of a basic gun is, well, oddly clear in my mind. Oh, what a dangerous thought – ‘damn Krupp’ is the wrong idea.

No, the blame is not so clear, right?

If you don’t go back very far, it’s said that by 1000 CE gunpowder had already been invented by the Chinese. With enough smitheries, just run along and drop the idea of a bullet, the idea of a hand trigger causing flints to strike, the fire to be set alight, heating of gas in an internal chamber, the compression (look, primary school science) of air that forces that piece of welded metal out of the barrel.

Making a functioning computer will, unfortunately, be more difficult. Before even thinking about learning how to code, think about where and how to manufacture plastics, how to make tools capable of soldering the correct chips.

How does one make a motherboard? – I have seen the inside of a computer before, many years ago. Probably outdated by now, but we have a quick question. Why is the plastic chip green? Convenience? Or is it something tested again, perhaps green disperses heat the best?

I’ll google that later, maybe it will be answered partially.

Let us not leave hanging threads from the past.

So the answer was that awkwardly they did not factor so much to me. I have not spent much time thinking over them, but in the timeframe, the youth and the weight of expectation did something.

The hidden edge of unkindness is something that lurks in all of us, that I cannot help but still judge them for. No lies: humanity judges.

Judging is not ‘wrong’. But it can lead to many worse things, it can.

Two months were taken, it’s true, I forgot I even wrote on the topic.

But the nCOV. 2019, they call it, but it’s 2020 already, so what would they do about it? ‘n’ but it’s not really, is it. Next time what shall it be if not ‘N’ again?

I’m not sure what to think, but times of crisis do bring out the worst of people. China is probably one of those places where the government has enough power and control to enforce those non-movement plans, quarantines. They said that the people were marched out of their homes, forcibly removed if they showed symptoms and all else.

It’s funny, how then the human rights critics are silent – also even more ironic that their supreme leader has not addressed the public in a while.

Is it wrong for us to be sceptical? Or critical, in fact. Those are people, suffering, right there.

Still, it is as if the rest of the world moves on – it does, it really does.

And the guilt of being a bystander, if it were a crime, is everyone’s unless you have done something, either you are infected with the virus or fighting the virus; all else are guilty of looking on.

Maybe it is not guilt.

Maybe this is the guilt speaking. We wait out the storm, grateful that it was not our home swept away by the tsunami. Humans are like that, they wish all their lives that nothing bad will happen to them. That’s no crime.

I have just one friend who is touched by the problem of the virus in a way that she can tangibly claim it. And we all know this because she bore with the social discomfort to ask for help, for donations to send back to Wuhan, where she has family.

I admire the newscaster still broadcasting from inside the lockdown area even though I should not; foolhardy behaviour of what people say is heroics.

So where is the line drawn to idiocy or unnecessary danger? His job is necessary for truth. Since when was truth important? What does his truth even change?

It’s a bit difficult to go grocery shopping, my sister said. Last weekend they went and apparently people were panic buying, not just the masks but also toilet paper.

Surely it sounds funny, but it also reeks of irony. What a world we live in; where the newsagency is right there to film the storehouses of a grocery chain to calm the general public.

Is that to be applauded as a company’s civic-mindedness, or to be highlighted as an example of state media control?

Look, it is both. Power, what a scary thing.

I certainly hope that Indonesia is fine, exactly what the statistics show. Numbers lie, dead bodies don’t. (the pathologist can.)

When is it rumour-mongering, when is it preventing a panic, when is it saving lives?

In the present is it called rumour-mongering in order to prevent a panic. But in retrospect, it will be saving lives.

We really love having martyrs, don’t we? But we only need one when all those who died should not have needed to die.

One of those dreams people tend to have, of dying as a hero, knowing they did something great in their lives – I’m not sure what it may bring in a next life, but someone who is dying may or may not be assured by the thought that they are a hero.

Anyway, this is the same thing as martyrdom.

What a to-do

list for the

past when you

wake up again:

Would you please,

remember to find

me the day we are


Nevermind that

I am a child without

memory forming


Tell me once,

or twice about those

mistakes I will make.

When I make them,

perhaps you will be

there to tell me again:

I told you so.

Don’t dream too much of the future

where you can rewrite your past.

If you’re not studying the sciences,

or not planning to, just forget it.

Think about it again when you have

a tonne of money maybe?

When you can get someone else to do

that kind of research for you,

you probably won’t want to risk it

anymore. I’m hanging up,




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