Then I must have met a careless driver

who made me begin thinking that I was one too.

It just takes one to make an accident, so in that Jordan isn’t right. A driver crashing into a kerb is an accident too.

But if I had been a more careful driver, maybe the carelessness of the situation would have been less threatening.

To feel threatened on the road isn’t to stop driving, but if one driver can cause an accident, the illusion of safety disappears. Maybe it was an illusion to begin with.

Had I thought they were a careful driver there would have been an accident. But I guess I thought they would be at least a little more careful. There is time for the speeding car to slow down, but maybe they are at one with the drive – into the I, a caldron of the next red dawn.

To be thrown over means that you were caught in the first place, since I was never, then it doesn’t count.

Carelessness is something you never blame deeply in people, for the most part it can’t be helped.

But they are casually sorry, and sometimes not at all, we are the fool to forget.

Carelessness isn’t supposed to imply a lack of care because often, even with our best efforts, things don’t work out.

But in this case, the carelessness of the moment:

Their actions made us feel that our trust was very foolish.

A conundrum when you cannot blame before you fix things

but you cannot fix things without blame.

To hope less is to sacrifice the future at the

altar of the present.

Maybe I was a recording angel.

If reincarnation exists,

you must have saved a kingdom in a prior life.

If your friend lost their memory,

are both of you not still friends?

The dreams that I can only vaguely recollect

I must be reading too much into.

Their happiness was supposed to be enough.

But when did their happiness stop being


There is just one month left. In one month we can reassess again, if we are sure that this is a present that we want.

It burns half as long when it is twice as bright, and comets are cold.



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