I was just thinking

That it would be nice if we could protect everyone.

I would like for as many people as possible to be happy at any given time. Above this, I would like for as many people whom I care about to be happy at any given time.

I was just thinking, “Would anyone prize the life of an unknown person across the world over the life of a loved one,” and when the answer you get is “No,” then another question I thought about was, “Why?”

Why would anyone prize someone they know over someone they don’t?

I think the conclusion from this is that people don’t think that all lives are equal.

All lives matter, but some more than others.

Let’s extend this a bit more.

Humans are animals, but non-human animals seem to matter less than the lives of humans.

Would you save a human baby or a baby kitten?

The next conclusion is that humans are speciesist.

I think that I am speciesist myself. I would never put the safety of a child after that of a non-human animal’s.

While I do not believe in voluntarily causing non-human animals pain for the sake of personal pleasure, I do not believe that animals are equal to humans.

I could like animals, I could think that they are cute, I could treat them like a partner and speak to them and respect their needs and care for them. My pet fish has same rights as my younger sister, I guess you could say: I prepare food for them both, I don’t hurt them both…

The list might go on like lists of human rights in the world grow and continually expand, but my question becomes, what is enough?

It would be nice to protect everyone, everything.

But I cannot in my good conscience advocate for non-human animals to be considered equal to humans in every form, because I will always choose to save a human over a non-human animal.

That’s just how I see it.

The thing about all equality movements in the world is that people have their own biases. Biases that individuals have to kick in order to say that things are equal.

“Black lives matter,” is fundamentally different from “All lives matter,” because the latter seems to ignore how black lives have not mattered for a long time, it cheapens the suffering that people of colour have undergone.

Maybe that wasn’t the idea that the originator of the “All lives matter” movement, but when you have a competing movement like the former, that is the message that you send.

Tell a company to hire a fish to be a PR manager instead of a human without any experience, I doubt anyone would..? Taken to extremes, animal rights sound ridiculous, but if in the future animals are proven to think, to feel, to hurt, to know how to learn and speak… would we give them the jobs that we give exclusively to humans?

Well, if your answer is yes, then, come back and find me when all these things have been proven.

Maybe it’s wrong to think of this as a zero-sum game. Animals don’t have to lose for us to win. But that’s kind of this world, right?

I was just thinking again.

Because I gained something, someone lost it. Your success is exactly someone else’s failure.

Yet in a world like ours where everyone wants to succeed, is anyone willing to fail so someone else can succeed?

Not even placing non-human animals back into the equation, can you see my own dilemma? A world where every human is self-interested and steps on other people in order to climb higher, where are the rights?

Rights are the solid floor that everyone begins on, the surface people are crushed against by people with more power. Rights are the baseline people begin on. Then, with enough power, you can ignore someone’s rights.

Is that a problem..? Since everyone is striving for power to undermine someone else’s rights.

Limited resources and scarcity mean people want certain things which are in limited supply, everyone tries their best. Sometimes you group together with other people and benefit mutually, but if not everyone will get an equal share then the partnerships break down.

People work together for their own self-benefit. That’s how humans work, so, until that changes… until then, ask me again about rights.

Another thought before I end for today.

What if I think plants are important too?

Will plants get rights as well?

What if I think humans are parasites of the Earth and ought to die?

What if that’s what plants and non-human animals think..?

It began to rain

Half the home was brushed lightly,

the other was bruised.




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