Have a cookie instead pt. 2

Link to pt. 1 

[Also you know the book that HHH was waving about? It was written by the Minister’s ex-wife. Well, I guess that’s another way to look at things? Now, did HHH know this or was that just a coincidence? Low blow Miss, but effective I suppose.]

Right, so back to cookies which were the original idea.

Sorry, I realised though it’s part two, part one wasn’t really about cookies.

Okay, so about cookies and how people are satisfied.

Have you ever watched those ‘satisfying videos’ online, with people cutting kinetic sand, machines filling moulds perfectly or slime ASMRs?

If you haven’t, go try a random one, because that’s what this post is about.

Right, so on spending hours watching videos like that and feeling yourself melt into a puddle of happiness.

There’s something addictive and as they say, satisfying and soothing about those videos.

They make you happy.

Because they make you happy, you watch more of them and it continues the cycle.

Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain.

The same way, we do things that make us happy. We’d rather do things that make us happy.

Regardless of what other people think, we do what will make us happy.

But what other people think affects how happy we are with that thing.

If something that makes you happy constantly draws the ire of other people, eventually the thing that you love makes you hated and then you lose your love for that thing, not because it becomes less fun or enjoyable but because of it the rest of your time spent not doing that thing becomes less tolerable.

The same way that thing becomes your escape, a guilty pleasure.

Why do we call things like these ‘escapes’ or ‘guilty pleasures’? Because people are running away, or not supposed to do these things. Who decides you can or cannot do such things, though?

Not you, definitely, if not everything that makes you happy would be permissible.

Do you like thin and crispy, soft and cakey or chewy centre, crispy outside cookies?

Do you dislike people who like a different style from yours?

What about pineapple on pizza, or dipping fries into McDonald’s ice cream?

There was a study years ago on the impact of children on other kid’s eating habits.

If a child who didn’t like broccoli was put into a lunch group of kids who liked broccoli, eventually the child would begin to say that they liked broccoli.

How much of you is you? Do you actually like the things you claim to like, or is it because the rest of your friends say they like it? Do you say you like it because you’re worried they will un-friend you over a preference?

Because over time, the things you have to pretend to like to fit in becomes too many and you lose what you personally like.

How much of you is you, or maybe the question should be, what is ‘you’? This concept of you and your happiness is shaped by your experiences and your environment the same way someone’s behaviour can be conditioned and altered by positive and negative reinforcement.

I realise my thoughts and sentences are scattered, sometimes jumping from topic to topic even within paragraphs.

Sometimes, re-reading, I get confused too. But rather than re-arrange the thoughts, I’ll leave them in the natural order that they tumble out of my mind.

Natural order is a nice way to put it, jumbled mess sounds more correct.

Natural unnaturalness, this very idea of writing out your thoughts.

One step forward and another back,

One step left then take another right.

Draw a box with your feet,

Keeping an eye on your partner’s feet.

Rinse, repeat and breath,

Heeding the way your partner’s box splits,

Arms fit with yours but still hold you an

arm’s-length away.

One step back for the other to step forward,

You go right and the other left so there’s no clash,

Beautifully you fit, you mesh,

Breathe, smiling because you’re in time,

Aligned and

just repeat till someone misses a step and stumbles

Then be quick as you fumble,

Step in and invade the box to spare them the trouble.

(reposted, there was a weird error in the formatting near the end that couldn’t be fixed…)


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