Have a cookie instead pt. 1

Daily, I enjoy watching Youtube videos with food in them.

Though I cook at most 1 in 20 videos that I watch, there’s no denying that I enjoy watching them.

Why though, is my question.

Another question, “What sort of cookie do you like best?”

Why does this,

Image result for cookie gif

or this

Image result for chocolate gif
[I googled cookie gif, feel free to do the same and become even more happy]

make us happy?

Maybe I’m cheating a little since Pusheen Cat is cute but why do things like cute animals and food make us happy?

I don’t know much about the science behind any of these things but I feel happy looking at those things. I’m happy to watch videos of hands making food, videos about science and the world but all these interesting, entertaining things make me happier than for example, news or political talk shows.

While some of it can be attributed to my own political naivety, I’d like to say that I keep up with the news because it is a responsibility of everyone, being a person living right now.

But knowing that on-goings in Singapore which concern us and our future well… doesn’t seem to put anyone off their daily life, stop them from watching Youtube videos of cute things.

Some news that concerns the future of the press in Singapore as follows, you can feel free to skip if the sources are not to your tastes, I’ll summarise a little afterwards:

Select Committee hearings on fake news: Minister grills researcher, says he is not an objective historian

[I mean seriously, look at what happened to the Tech giants, is anyone even surprised? That said, amazing, of course he’s not objective. Claps for whoever wants it.

Evidence is not objective, the Minister obviously isn’t objective, the Historian isn’t about to claim he’s Buddha or an Almighty who is 100% objective. He’s just saying that based on the evidence released, it is his view as a Historian that (censored).

That’s what historians do. They look at evidence which shape their view and they present that. In Economics we call this the problem of information. Where information is not complete and perfect, which thus affects the way people make decisions.]

Blogger Han Hui Hui removed from Select Committee hearing after disrupting proceedings

HHH’s Side of this Story

A Review of the Book

[So now, flapping a bunch of paper with a message is disruptive. I guess it is hard to concentrate on grilling a historian when a member of the public, known for her dissenting views decides to stroll into a committee session and display a book cover that supports the Historian’s view that (censored).

It is true that she wasn’t supposed to bring in things like that, so she brought being evicted upon herself. Ah, if only our activists learned how to be a little more subtle. Then again, that’s not HHH’s style.]

Right, so that’s what went down yesterday evening while I was in school. Upon coming home though, I did homework and took a break and watched 9 of the World’s Rarest Animals, Fighting to Stay Alive

You probably (aha see what I did there) don’t need to watch the video to understand my point.

But even faced with things like these, because the impacts are not imminent and obvious, I’m not moving to do anything.

Is this a mentality shared by the majority of Singaporeans? We recognise it’s a problem but we don’t do anything about it.

Is a restriction of free speech a problem..? Is there a restriction on free speech in Singapore?

Where does this WordPress post fall in a spectrum of things considering I practice liberal self-censorship?

Be it a lack of power on my own and stuff like that, people always say to shift the responsibility away from oneself then, what am I supposed to do?

I guess I could write into the Straits Times, but I don’t think I’d make the cut as a linguistically strong, balanced-view providing youth. With improvements in technology and ease of access to the news, people read about natural disasters and gun shootings half-way across the globe.

“In a relative sense, then, maybe the happenings in Singapore are not so concerning.”

^You can’t tell me that thoughts like that are okay.

No one owes Singapore a living, and therefore we have to be concerned about what is happening to Singapore. Before caring about gun-violence in a country thousands of kilometers away, citizens ought to care about their own country.

We’re making frog soup when we look at bigger problems and ignore the small and growing ones.

As it is, this thing about free speech is beyond the scope of students who can debate for hours the nuances on “How free should free speech be? Does it include hate-messages? What about political speech?”

I, personally, am against free speech that allows for hate speech. Then comes the problem of how to decide what is hate speech.

Going to cook lunch now, will write more later on after doing Econs. (Also, the poem will be at the end of pt. 2 as previously done.)



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