Can you learn while being entertained?

Or, can you be entertained while learning?

Today I sat in on a KI lesson for the air-conditioning and read half of an Economist magazine in between listening to my classmates dissect fallacies and something like that.

The most interesting line I took away was the following:

“Nothing is more expensive than diamonds. Paper is worth more than nothing.

Therefore, paper is more expensive than diamonds.”

I know it seems a little silly, but it was like a light that went off in my head.

More than just a logical fallacy with some kind of false premise and preposition and weird conclusion, language affects how we communicate with other people.

If something as normal as those sentences can be confused into a conclusion like “Paper is more expensive than diamonds,” then why is it that society is not falling apart at the seams?

It’s weird but there are lots of ways you can take things and if you take them in a way that the speaker did not mean them to be taken, there are misunderstandings and eventual problems.

Another thing I asked a KI friend this morning,

“All teachers are tall. X is tall, therefore it is probable that X is a teacher.”

After, of course, learning that the word “Probably” increases the probability of my statement being true and thus making it a stronger argument.

I didn’t get to ask more but while it increases the probability, what is ‘strength’? The ability to not be disproved is this strength, it goes against the traditional thought that a one-sided, hard-line stance is the strongest kind of argument because you push for one side without pause and without yielding.

Uh, so this might all seem unrelated but I was in the washroom and I thought about how to take a picture of a mirror head-on without being seen in the picture.

The short answer is you can’t really, most are taken from an angle. Also, pictures that are angled have more depth and look better – purely a stylistic choice.

An answer I was given was to wear a green suit and be photo-shopped out later.

There is always more than one answer to all questions, whether they are correct or wrong is another matter, but there are multiple answers.

I was just thinking then, who decides what is wrong and right?

We had Econs today and I’m surprised by how much I enjoy it.

“Everything is theoretical, but the use of theory is in predicting future events so we know what to do now. If you want to use all these variables then it becomes too complicated and tailored to a specific situation and the theory loses its flexibility of application.”

That’s what my Econs teacher in reply to my puzzled remark that “So actually none of the stuff is actually true?”

I find myself conflicted and at odds with my own thoughts at times.

Humanities give you this freedom, at least the illusion of freedom that the Sciences will not.

Would you rather have the illusion of it, or know you don’t have it?

I question why I decided to do Arts instead of the Science that I was so comfortable with.

It’s an odd juncture to be questioning something like this, considering that I do enjoy my classes and I know a transfer anywhere is not only ridiculous but also likely to be rejected.

Humans have an odd propensity to either 1. Do things they regret or 2. Regret the things they do or 3. Regret the things they don’t do.

More the second than the first, I think, because why would anyone do things they know they’re going to regret?

These are all similar things because they are all “What if”s but the important thing is to realise that time doesn’t rewind so there’s no point talking about them.

Instead, I guess we’re expected to look ahead and plan so as to avoid regret in the future.

Time and time again has shown that we keep regretting things and keep making mistakes.

Do these things make us human?

What makes you human?

I thought about today,

and how cold you looked.

Thought of how your shoulders,

usually relaxed, shook.

How they were drawn in by a draft,

only a breeze it took.

I regret it a little,

not placing my jacket across your shoulders when

I wasn’t even cold.


9 thoughts on “Can you learn while being entertained?

Add yours

    1. I do like the sciences though, and I miss learning them. If I had to have a solid answer as to why, it’d be that because most of my science grades weren’t as good as I hoped and my confidence in them was shaken. On a more fluffy note, I guess I fell for the idea of writing what I wanted to write, but I think in the end it doesn’t work out in a system where things can be graded. (I don’t know if white and dark chocolate can be considered non-substitute goods simply because they aren’t interchangeable when cooking?) I’m not sure if I rather the system where I don’t know what I get if I write what I want or that system where I knew roughly what to write to get the marks, but there’s not much point regretting it now so I try not to think about it.


      1. Black chocolates are black because cocas are black; white chocolates are white because milk is white. Mind-blown.

        Isn’t it funny to hear the word “predict” coming from an economist? Why didn’t they predict 2008?

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    1. If the music changed you then, I would think the music would matter more than just another human, right? People are like that, the same way we care more about the lives we know than the ones we don’t, we think about what we could have done before what we should do now. It’s bad (or not?), but I don’t know how to help it anyway.


      1. All some people care more about the lives they know than the ones don’t. I suspect no: do you know any Christians? Do they care more that you, a disbeliever, will go to hell and suffering eternally, than that unknown people aren’t having enough money?

        They’d spend a whole day on streetsale to raise 30 dollars for those people, after all.


    2. Hmm… but are street sales caring? Is money caring..? If it’s $30, isn’t donating a dollar each day instead of doing those street sales more caring?

      If you must raise religion, is aggressively trying to convert you to a different faith for the sake of being saved caring? I have friends of all religions, even those who believe in the Force. The problem with being saved by faith is that your choice factors heavily, even saying you believe does not guarantee that you will be saved.

      I guess, maybe your Christian friends are not so like mine. Ask them, then, how they reconcile the thought that good people who don’t believe in God will have to go to hell. I’ve asked mine many, in my process of falling out of faith. We’re good friends still, I do my best to listen and smile when they make a reference to a bible story I know by heart.

      Mine don’t force their faith on me, at least the ones by my side now.

      I care for them in the sense that I will pray with them. They care for me in the sense that they would do the same for me. I trust that if their God is real, then regardless of the voice that asks, the god will help their followers.

      I do think that people care more about the people they know – or, maybe it’s an awkward generalisation. I care more about the people I know, at least.


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