I guess you are

Here’s a little experiment for you.

Have a good look in a mirror, resting your fingerpads on your face, trail them down the side of your face and feel the curve to your chin.

Off you go.










(still here?)


A KI friend once told me everything in my life is a lie because you can’t trust your own perception.

I just smiled and said, “Okay,” for lack of a better reply. I guess they wanted me to argue and engage in discourse but well, they were disappointed.

You will be too if you keep reading.

We are not what we think we are,

Nor are we who we want to be.

We are not who we see ourselves as,

Nor are we what others want us to be.

In the end,

We are just who we feel like we need to be,

This need not be either you or me,

It can be anyone that needed to be.


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